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Synthetic Rifle Wrap

Synthetic Rifle Wrap
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Why be totally concealed, but give your position away by your rifle or gun?  Simply wrap it around your firearm as you would wrap a bandage around a sore ankle. The Lightweight Ghillie Rifle wrap is made from synthetic thread and will perfectly match your lightweight poncho or ghillie suits. It's made of 5" x 6' nylon netting with 1"x 1" squares with synthetic thread attached to the netting.

At 6 feet long its plenty long enough to cover any firearm. Match it up with your Ghillie Suit to complete your concealment.

Available in Desert, Mossy Oak and Woodland.

*Matches the Woodsman Ghillie Suit, Bulls-eye Ghillie Suit, and our Ghillie Ponchos*

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