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Lightweight Ghillie Sniper BDU Jacket

Lightweight Ghillie Sniper BDU Jacket
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Please note that these ghillie jackets are custom made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 

Create the custom ultimate lightweight custom ghillie suit with the Lightweight Ghillie Sniper BDU Jacket. Get all the benefits of synthetic lightweight thread and military BDU's.

  • We use Industrial sewing machines to sew a knotted 1" x 1" nylon netting directly to a Military BDU 4 pocket coat.
  • Our Synthetic thread is directly hand tied to this netting. The sewn on Synthetic thread covers the entire jacket in the front and the back, and has an attached hGhillie Suit Clothingood.
  • On the front of the jacket and sleeves, we sew a 1000 Denier Cordura Plus fabric. This allows you to slide and crawl on the ground over rocks and through mud with ease.
  • The Cordura has a urethane coating which is water proof so you won't get wet while laying down for hours, or waiting for your prey.
  • The Hood is built by hand tying the thread to a 1"x1" netting, and then sewing this to the Jacket. This design allows you to stay cooler, allowing the wind to pass through, and also allows for better hearing.
  • By using a netting on the outside of the BDU's, you can add natural vegetation while out in the field. This allows you to change your colors by adding sticks or leaves.
  • All our Synthetic thread is Fire-retardant *Water-repellant *Rot Proof *Mildew resistant *Non-Allergenic *NO UV-Brighteners
  • All pockets are closed off

Choose from six BDU color patterns, and four different Ghillie colors.

Ghillie Suit Color Patterns:

Leafy Green

BDU Patterns:

Standard Woodland
Digital Woodland (+$5.00)
Standard Desert
Digital Desert (+$5.00)
Multi-cam (+$15.00)


Standard Woodland Cordura used on Woodland
Digital Woodland Cordura used on Digital Woodland
Day Desert Cordura used on 6-color Desert & Digital Desert.
ACU Cordura used on ACU
Multi-cam Cordura used on Multi-cam

Pocket Accessibility:

No Access, Pockets are sewn shut


Please see photo for sizing chart

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