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Kamo Basix Woodlands 3D Leaf Suit

Kamo Basix Woodlands 3D Leaf Suit
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This 3D Leafy camouflage suit is a lightweight, camo suit that is made for someone who wants a light, compact, quick on the go suit. Built on a sturdy nylon base, with jacket pockets and attached hood.

Incredibly light and breathable. Great value. Comes in the Arcturus Woodlands Custom color to match many terrains. This suit is a little darker and made for lower light wooded areas.

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT - This lightweight 3d camo suit is a two piece jacket and pants suit with a full front zipper and attached hood.  It packs down to a small size and fits easily into a small backpack allowing you to put it on only when you need it.

LARGE 3D LEAF COVERAGE - The leaf cuts are slightly larger to improve its 3D depth and camouflage

CUSTOM CAMO - Camo Basics uses the Arcturus Woodlands Camo Pattern. This color pattern is a fairly dark brown with very muted greens. It was designed to work lower light wooded areas and dark forest terrain.

TWO PIECE SET - Jacket and Pants set.  Jacket comes with attached hood and a full front zipper.  The jacket also has pockets.  The pants have an elastic waist with a

Available in ML size for adults 5'6" up to 6'0", and XL for adults 6'0" and over.

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