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Ghillie Suit Carry Bag

Ghillie Suit Carry Bag
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The Arcturus Outdoors Ghillie Suit Carry bag was made to compliment our line of Arcturus Camo ghillie suits.

This bag makes carrying a ghillie suit or any of camo clothing a breeze. Just stuff your clothing into the bag, fold the edges together, compress the air out of the bag, roll the top over a few times and snap the ends together. Then shove the bag into you backpack and you are on your way.

The bag is also waterproof and can withstand temporary submerges into water if closed and sealed properly.

TRUST US: You will wish you had this bag after you get a ghillie suit. Ghillie suits are bulky and hard to carry around. After a long day, you just want to take it off and shove it into a bag. That's what this bag was made for.

GHILLIE SUIT STUFF BAG: This bag is easy way to carry your ghillie suit to and from locations. Just stuff your ghillie suit into this bag and compress the air out. Be sure to remove large sticks and twigs before stuffing.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY: Made of rip-stop polyester, this bag is lightweight, soft, yet strong. See the close-up photo of the quality of the material.

25 LITER DRY BAG: This bag can double as a 25L dry bag and is waterproof and can keep your ghillie suit or belongings dry.

MEASUREMENTS: 27" x 15" laying flat. 10" diameter round bag. Holds 26L when used as a dry bag. Holds 32L when used as a non water tight carry bag.

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