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Arcturus Wool Blanket - White & Gray Striped | 4.5 lbs

Arcturus Wool Blanket - White & Gray Striped | 4.5 lbs
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HEAVY AND WARM - The Arcturus wool blanket weighs 4.5 lbs, with a density of 550 GSM (that means nice and thick). This blanket will keep you warm, period.

GREAT LOOKING, LONG LASTING - Loom-woven and hemmed on all sides with contrast lock stitching, our blanket looks right at home in the field or on your couch, while standing up to rugged use and abuse.

PLENTY OF ROOM FOR ALL - Large size (60" x 92") size will keep you and a friend cozy while camping, at a tailgate, football game, or an outdoor concert, or just as an emergency blanket in your vehicle.

70% WOOL - Wool is a time-tested natural fabric that will keep you warm, even when wet. The remainder of the blanket is composed of 30% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers for durability and washability. Wool is a naturally fire-retardant material. The blanket itself is not treated with any additional flame-retardant chemicals, making it safe for you and your family.

MACHINE WASHABLE - We make it easy to care for your new blanket. Your blanket is machine washable. Just set it "cold" and run a delicate cycle. We recommend using a detergent formulated specifically for wool for best results. You can also hand wash these if you prefer to keep shedding to an absolute minimum. To extend the life of your blanket, we recommend line drying, if possible. Dryers are hard on clothes and blankets alike, and line drying is much gentler. However, maybe it's the middle of winter, maybe you live in an apartment, maybe you'd just rather throw in in the dryer. That's OK! Just tumble dry on low heat. Note that there will be some shedding during the wash process. This is normal for loom-woven blankets, and you'll notice your blanket gets softer with each wash.

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