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Arcturus Medium Ghillie Kit

Arcturus Medium Ghillie Kit
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The Arcturus Medium Ghillie Kit comes with 6 bundles of colored synthetic thread.

This is enough thread to make a lightweight full length poncho, or a full jacket or a full pair of pants plus an accessory such as a rifle wrap and boonie hat.

Each bundle of thread weighs 1/2 lb. It comes with 1 5' x 9' nylon net.

Kit includes the following:

  • 1 - 5'x9' nylon net
  • 6 - individual bundles of synthetic thread of your color choice

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  • Do your threads reflect uv?

    Hello - 

    We don't add any UV brightners to our threads or suits which are the most common culprit for reflected ultraviolet light. 

    That said, we don't test our products under black lights to test for UV reflection so we can't say conclusively. But remember: even the scientists that did this original UV study pointed out that things like general camouflage concealment and movement are far more important factors in game noticing you than UV light, so don't place too much weight on that one factor. 


    Arcturus Team